Thread: Cboard slow?

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    Cboard slow?

    Am I the only one who is having performance problems with Cboard? Every page load is slow enough to drive me away after a post or two, if that. It's not my connection either, because I'm having the same problem on multiple computers with independent connections from different providers.

    This is utterly inexcusable. You guys don't want me to hang out on "other" web sites, do you?
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    Yah, it took me about 10 minutes just to reply to this post....don't leave us Prelude!!

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    its slow for me too, sometimes.

    Its quite fast tonight...

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    it does it once or twice a week

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    Ditto. I have even had a couple of (111) Connection Refused responses. If by "other" you are referring to AIHorizon, I'm sure Francois wouldn't mind.

    [If that reference is too obscure (e.g., you don't know who on Earth I'm talking about) or incorrect (e.g., the guy has nothing to do with Harvard), tell me, but allow me to convince you and I promise you right here and now no correction will ever be taboo]

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    I have the same problem from time to time, but it usually only lasts for a few hours at most!

    You just aren't allowed to leave Prelude we need you to much here .
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    it is slow...i opened a few pages that wouldnt load..played a game of mario, then opened the browser again and then some of them had loaded
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    Noooo.... don't leave us Prelude! *dives and grabs onto Prelude's leg*
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    The site seems to be inaccessible with some frequency, but *usually* comes back within a few hours. Of course, there are those annoying periods when it gets hacked by those Simiens people or whatever and it's completely down for days/weeks at a time. Equally annoying are the times when it dies sometime while you're typing up a huge post (say, half an hour or so) and then won't send your message.
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    Struck me as slow yesterday, seems fine this morning.
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    I haven't had any real problems in a while... except for a few days ago, when I tried posting a topic and it took forever, but I thought that was just one isolated incident
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    Seems fine to me now, but I agree with the people that are saying it gets reallllly slow from time to time.

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    Ditto. I left yesterday because it refused to send one of my posts and it was god awful slow accessing any of the boards.

    Seems ok today.

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    It has happen to me a few times too. I did a trace route once and the pings were horrible, got a few time out response on a few of them too. So i guess the servers have it bad.
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    I blame the people sharing their porn collections on the hidden forums. You know who you are.

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