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    Is it true?

    As I have said many times, I have Windows XP Professional, I just wanna know something: I read that you have to 'activate' windows. Is that wht I think it is? what happens if I don't activate it after 30 days of use?

    I'm gonna buy a new computer and I want to know whether I should use XP or 2K, I like XP better, but 2K doesn't requre activation


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    Yes is it true...For the most part. If you buy WindowsXP corporate ($600 American), then you have automatic activation, and you don't have to activate, because it's designed for big companies who don't have the time to activate it.

    I would suggest using Windows 2000. I installed WindowsXP a week ago, and today I switched back. WindowsXP just doesn't have enough support for certain hardware and software. I like it better because there are more drivers out for Windows 2000 than WindowXP, so you don't have to always wait for driver updates, or sloppily made drivers (the voodoo 4/5 driver) to work for your WindowsXP machine.
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