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    Would a mediocre cable connection suffice for an average website server? I'm just wondering what kind of connection would do the job of a website server.

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    I guess it would depend on the traffic.....

    I think most decent servers have a lot better access

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    With my cable modem, I am pushing much better than a T1 but not better than a T3... so yes. It does do well unless your ISP puts a limit on your upload capablity (which mine doesn't). I am running a server right now with a pretty bandwidth intensive chat program, and I have had five people in there at one time and still surfed the net with no noticible slowdown.
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    Shaw Cable (Calgary) is good at first, but a little after it slows down, even not responding. Guess they must have a lot of traffic!

    Oh, they also have cable service too, mind you.

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    Also... realize that many cable modem providers do not want you running a server, but some do not care and others just want you to tell them about it when you do...

    Make sure you know your terms, or they might release your service.

    Oh... and cable modem registry tweaks really do work. Let me know if you want tweak-up, and I will email it to you. (this also may violate your user agreement)
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