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    I have a simple question, and I can't seem to find an answer to it via Google. I have viewed the comp.lang.c FAQ, and I occasionally find a statement that looks like the following:
    References: K&R1 Sec. 2.2 p. 34; K&R2 Sec. 2.2 p. 36, Sec. A4.2
    pp. 195-6, Sec. B11 p. 257; ANSI Sec., Sec.;
    ISO Sec., Sec.; H&S Secs. 5.1,5.2 pp. 110-114.
    What I want to know is where to find the ANSI, K&R1, K&R2, or ISO document(s). I can do searches for "ANSI", but all I get is a bunch of comp.lang.c FAQ pages. I have found the Rationale with no problem at all. It's just the others. Is it something I can buy, does it even exist online, or is it found in a book?

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    Since C99 is officially the standard, it is supposed to be the one to buy. There are drafts of C90 out there; here is one. I think Chris Hills was trying to make some form of C90 available (in the UK?).
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