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    I just read a segment of Bjarne Stroustrup's FAQ, where he says "Despite the syntactic similarities, C++ and Java are very different languages. In many ways, Java seems closer to Smalltalk than to C++. "
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    Yeah, I've read his FAQ before. I've ignored some differences such as the Java's Object rooted heirachy and its large class library, but I don't think these differences should matter too much in comparing programmer efficiency. C++'s runtime doesn't have to be drastically different from Java.

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    You should, IMHO, learn not only multiple programming languages, but also multiple programming paradigms. And unlike learning multiple languages, this is not at all easy. Functional programming and logic-oriented programming (I learned them using Haskell and Prolog, respectively) offer new and interesting perspectives on programming.
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    Quote Originally Posted by stovellp
    It wouldn't be 100% pure Java. The bootstrapper wouldn't have a JRE.
    I thought as much, but hey, I don't know everything.

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