Thread: Hierarchy Chart software suggestions?

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    Hierarchy Chart software suggestions?

    I am looking for hierarchy chart software. Any suggstions?

    Specifically I want to be able to chart out the hierarchy of my units and functions.

    (A quick search of this board for related topics returned this old thread which was not much help.)

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    Publisher (can do basic organisational charts)
    I believe Visual Studio can draw diagrams of projects if you're using C++

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    I would also recommend Visio. That's the best "flow" software I've seen. People at my company seem to like to do that sort of thing in Powerpoint, which blows my mind, but it gets the job done.

    They also like to use Access for a backend of a project that everyone has to use. What a nightmare.

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    I use SmartDraw

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    Thanks for the suggestions. If any of you have example pictures of hierarchy charts you have constructed, I would love to see them.

    I have downloaded and tried SmartDraw already. I did not find that it did want I wanted to very well. The basic functionality I need is to create text-filled boxes connected via lines that stay connected as you move them around. My needs are pretty simple.

    Dia worked and does exactly what I want but it crashed on me when I modified the layer ordering (moved something to the front from behind or vice-versa.) Unfortunately, it was too unreliable (on my Windows XP system).

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