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    Question More on Linux

    After a little bit of research I noticed that SuSE offers 9.2 via network installation, and any information regarding the success of, or failure, of would be greatly appreciated.

    It would seem that SuSE offers the full meal deal off of the ftp server for no cost, and this may interest me since my purchase of 8.1 has no support to be found. Unless there is a way of upgrading 8.1 successfully, the interest would fall onto the 9.2 procedure.

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    I may be mistaken, but I thought SuSE for the first time with 9.2, released the .ISO's for download. (Perhaps it was just the DVD iso)

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    I believe it is only the DVD iso. 3.(something)GB. I never looked too much into it, due to it being DVD iso, but I did try to setup 9.2 via the network intaller. Very slow and time consuming, so it was discontinued. This was done using the site, but there is another site to try, oregon state university.

    As far as the installer goes, very nice and friendly for users to use, which SuSE has been very good for that. They almost hide the fact that linux is being used.

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