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    Ok! On my Post on this topic before. It was a joke. Yes maybe little inappropriate! But If you cannot understand it. Then I can't help you! I sow on my User CP that I get lots of red squares for this! Ok!
    If you do not understand it what the hell then look at your C code!
    And I don't have problem. I just have my Bit.. hmhm I think my Girl. And I am Super. Thanks for asking!
    Sorry for spelling errors, not English!
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    Well I dont want to play the guy who knows all about women, in fact I know nothing, at least I assume so. Well the point is that it is damm hard to trust and understand someone, about guys vs grils friendships I have an opinion, guys grow up beating punching yelling kicking... each other, this might seem bad but I completely disagree cause when you reconciliate after a fight your friendship turns stronger, girls usally dont fight as much as boys so their friendships are not so strong that is a point of view if you disagree please correct me. Well I havent had many girls, I'm not a gentleman I think but maybe what happened is that that girl was afraid of beeing compromised. (I'm too lazy to open a dictionary so if I misspeled the last word please correct me).

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