Thread: Making A bootable windows cd...

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    Making A bootable windows cd...

    Well I am running win xp pro on my gateway computer. my computer is a 933, and I have enough ram and everything else. it runs very nice by itself. I resently started using VMware Workstation 3.0, and I have only had a few minor problems with it. I was wanting to have a virtual computer with win me on it cause I didn't have any trouble with it when it was my os (...and I really put a lot of stress on it). anyway, my computer came with a set of disks to reinstall all the factory stuff. I know which cd is for ME, and I put it in, but it won't install because the virtual computer isn't a gateway. I then thought of making my own windows cd by taking everything other than the booting files and making a new bootable cd, since I am assuming that the booter checks what type of system I have. My problem is that I don't know how to make a bootable file that I can use for installing windows me. I opened both files in Visual C++ 6.0, and they are in hex (and all I know is what hex is, not how to program anything with it) Please help me out if you can

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    There should be some sort of option on your burning software that can set the boot flag on your cd, obviously this needs to then point to some sort of file or exe, as i dont run me i am unable to help on that,
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    well all I saw was a option for what type of boot, but all required some sort of boot file. I am using easy cd creator 5 basic, if that helps at all to, and I haven't had much experience with it yet cause I always used to use version 4

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    my burner software (Nero) lets me select a bootable CD, when I do so, it asks me for a diskette that contains the Boot Sector, that's what you need, but I've never used your software, so I'm not sure how you do it on yours


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