Thread: Advise for computer science students

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    Advise for computer science students

    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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    Hmm, interesting link/information, thanks.

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    I liked it, and yeah i guess he is right, those deductive logic courses are a mess but im taking one next semester anyway.
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    lets see how i fair so far...

    1. Learn how to write before graduating. [done]
    2. Learn C before graduating. [done]
    3. Learn microeconomics before graduating.[meh, no plans to]
    4. Don't blow off non-CS classes just because they're boring.[done]
    5. Take programming-intensive courses.[done]
    6. Stop worrying about all the jobs going to India.[not worried]
    7. No matter what you do, get a good summer internship.[got both a good summer internship and a 16 month professional one ]

    well, everything except microeconomics. I still have a year left after my intership finishes but i dont plan to take any microeconmics

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    4. Don't blow off non-CS classes just because they're boring.
    Looks like I'm screwed. My GPA is god-awful...most of the crap at my high school is so boring and I'm so lazy about it. I probably won't even make it into a worthwhile college or anything. >_<

    This shows that I'm a restless, unmotivated, lazy person.
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