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    FICS would serve the purpose, I'm not a huge fan of the FICS server but it would work. The only drawback being the interface is a bit cryptic to new users.

    I'd much prefer using the Chessbase / server. 'course that has a drawback in being only available to windows users as there are no *nix clients available for that server (but it's oh so nice).

    I really see no problems with using Yahoo. It provides everything we'd need.

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    True enough, just adding an alternative.

    If yahoo is fine, I'd say go for it. Perhaps its just the random people you meet in there sometimes but it can kinda turn you off from playing in general.

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    That's why I asked on the other thread if any of you were rated with the USCF? and if not that, maybe on yahoo?
    Dont live in the jurisdiction of the USCF, and so have never played in a USCF rated tourney.
    I think Yahoo ratings are probably going to be rather inaccurate.
    Anyone FIDE rated here, especially now that they have lowered the rating floor?

    Well I was thinking of something like this:
    -You login
    -If it's not your turn you can't see the board
    -If it is your turn you are allowed to look at the board for the amount of time it took the other player to make their move (w/o their move actually being shown). When that time is up (or you push a button) their move is made and the time starts counting down.
    hmm... but then speculative sacrifices of the Tal kind would be a real killer for the defender, unless you replied so fast that the attacker doesnt have enough time to glimpse the board and continue.

    Anyway, the rules would then favour players good at playing blindfold chess, since they could just treat it as a blindfold game if their opponent answered quickly on consecutive moves.
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    Definately count me in. I'm a little confused on what the format proposed is though, if its a play the entire tourney in one day thing or play one game a week thing. I would definately recommend trying to do it all in one day otherwise you are pretty much guaranteeing a lot of people dropping out.

    I'm a little rusty but I play in local and big time tourneys all the time and practically lived at the internet chess club (ICC) until my schedule got too busy.

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    We should have some sort of prize for the winner. You can all give me reputation or let me be mod for a day

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    I dont really like fast chess, mainly cause i dont play enough and i have to think my moves through, but im in :]
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