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    Bleh, I never bothered to finish the game. Barely got anywhere on single player and didn't get much further on co-op.
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    got both, like my ps2 more, i think im gonna sell my xbox since i like ps2 more, i can watch vcd movies etc, got also hdd with linux kit, and network adaptor, and the classic games like msg3, tekken5, killzone, gta sa(for now) and the eyetoy (for my little brother ) its just "BETTER" imo!

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    wow way off topic lol

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    talk about yours. Mine has been working well since the day i bought it (thats 3 or 4 years , i don't exactly remember).

    I hope you're not one of those people who treat their systems roughly then complain when it stops working

    im talking about the PS2 by the way....
    lemmie see mine did that and i treated it like it was made of gold, and a friends did the same, he bought another, did the same, his friends one did the same... all after just 90 days...

    when they first came out they were ........... they start haveing trouble reading discs the exact day the warranty runs out... and then they stop reading them at all... so ........ Sony... $300 each and tons and tons of people had this problem and no recall and no offer to fix them for free untill about 2 years after the bastards...
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