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    >>It will be quite evident to me. Anyone who has been in computers for any length of time can tell when DirectX and/or OpenGL is drawing to the screen. It looks about 10000% better than the crappy 2D stuff they are using now - and it's a heck of a lot smoother. I think it will be evident....or there would be no reason to justify changing over to DirectX.<<

    I meant as far as ease of programming/use of the api. I doubt (besides the total overhaul of the api they're doing anyway) that it will be much different to program for the gui. Just, like you said, it will look waaay better and have new features. What I meant was that windows programmers won't have to learn DX to make windows apps.

    As far as having a problem with it, I don't really. I'm partial to opengl though .
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    A very, very good point. But I'm guessing it will prove untrue in the end. I'd guess that they'd replace functions like BitBlt() with something that internally uses DX, rather than being a replacement for other stuff.

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    Here's some great, detailed information on Longhorn. There will be two tiers available with the lower one requiring only DX7 and the better one DX9. On the last page of the article there are a couple of videos you might want to see.,00.asp

    Here is some less detailed info that has a few semi-neat screenshots:,00.asp

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    I just had a terrible thought.

    Imagine how annoying the paperclip will be in 3D!

    Edit: Those movies were really neat LuckY, thanks!

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    I think it's about time. GPU's are way faster than the GUI. And this would mean that we would not have such a distinction any more between Win32 GUI and DirectX 9.0.
    The Win32 GDI functions have a higher level of abstraction than the DirectX api. Microsoft will probably just recode the GDI functions using DirectX, and add someway to interact with the underlying DirectX implementation. Also, their sound api might be improved. All in all sounds like a pretty good thing. I doubt this improvement will affect OpenGL, which is just a standard. Developers really have the final say on what API to use.

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    Longhorn looks cool to me. I'm never adverse to flashy effects that make life interesting but difficult Only problem is, it means I'll have to get a beefier computer to see the nice stuff.
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