Thread: need some tutorials other than C/C++

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    Im taking a class in college and the teacher told us that we will write the same 1 program in those languages. He will provide us with some code but if you dont know the basics of a language you wouldnt understand even a simple program. So as you see im actually trying to learn on my own more than what the teacher is asking us to do. Because this will help me to actually write that 1 program but at the same time understand what im doing. Instead of pasting code to various sections of the program and hope it works. The syntax and the grammar differs in each one so i need some tutorials to see how things are done in those languages, so when the time comes and i have to write the program i will understand what the code the teacher gave us does and what more i have to do to comeplete the said program.
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    > It kind of sucks because people should know by now that there is a 99% chance that telling someone to search google isn't really helping that person.

    If the question is answered with a "google it" response, then 99% of the time the person doesn't deserve it anyways.

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    Perhaps the OP was under the impression that despite Google being an invaluable tool, that perhaps he trusted the opinions of the users here to help him cut through what sometimes amounts to pages upon pages of links. And perhaps narrow his search down to recommended or time tested/proven reliable resources.

    Whether others may agree with that line of thinking or not, does that really merit thumping him with rep hits?

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