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    Windows Manager

    After running Debian for a while I got to wondering, which window manager would offer the best and quickest performance? The first GUI I used was Gnome 2.8 and that was a good experience, but it lacks a lot of functionality. KDE 3.3.2 is also very nice, but is extremely large. KDE runs its applications very well. So, I got to thinking, does the smaller window managers, such as fluxbox, offer the same kind of support as the larger ones?

    DSL (Dam Small Linux), which is at version 0.9.3, is a wonderful linux distro and offers the fully configured fluxbox. This distro is made very well and has caused me to consider using a smaller more compact GUI on my Debian HDD.

    What do you guys think?
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    I'm using KDE 3.3.2 with Slackware 10.0 and it runs fast enough (for me) on Pentium2 266 with 160 MB RAM.
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    2nd compiler: g++ (GCC 3.4.3/4.0.0)
    3rd compiler: Borland 5.5
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    2nd IDE: SharpDevelop
    2nd compiler: csc in Command Prompt
    .NET Framework: 2.0
    Core: 5.1.0 beta 3
    IDE: PHPEdit
    2nd IDE: Notepad
    Favourite extensions: exif,gd2,mysql
    Favourite PEAR packages: DB, XML_RSS, ID3
    Favourite databases: SQLite, MySQL

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    Blackbox is nice window manager. I alternate between it and Gnome.

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    Thanks guys for the replys.

    Blackbox is a good window manager and currently my debian HDD is using KDE 3.3.2. Very nice.

    Since my linux HDD is 4GB and wanting to save space, but not loose out on the functionality, a smaller window manager would be good. It is a tough decision what one to implement.
    It is also important to see how each one works with a multihead. Some do not work as well as others.

    Most of the window managers are good, save a few, and the time and effort people put into them is excellent.

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