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    Trusy me lucky, I can get pretty picky about grammar. In fact the spelling errors are the big thing for me. They are eye sores. In general on message boards though I, of course, let things slide and make mistakes. We all do -- I don't have time to spell check and hate spell checking board plug-ins. But you can usually undestand me quite well.

    I just dislike people who appear to be foreign but are actually american.

    Quite funny since I had so many errors? That site was rushed cause my friend said, "Do it now." so I threw up what I could. I've just been changing it as I go while having people who trust me support it.

    For the wordings, I'm going to shorten things up a bit. I was tought in a small business communcation class that irrelevancy needs to be weeded out, but at the same time for me I will need to say a bit more because that's where my game is -- I have to sell myself.

    I will be running tests and trying out new things with it and I do want to emit a since of professionalism when people surf on by the website, but right now that isn't top on the list(though I keep it in mind). I mean I will tend to all of your suggestions, but for the layout side of things I'm not going corporate. Look at data drops, look at -- I'd buy an account from a layout like that, even if it costed a few more bucks and I was helping the person out. If I knew they'd take care of me I'd like that more.

    I'm currently working with the offline layout to adjust prices to by the way.

    > Hell the one is just a free ez-install php based forum portal with the stock theme and logo.
    I didn't say I created the forum. I changed a few small things on it after I got it from phpBB hacks - which the board footer clearly states. Wait, on second thought, you need to change the profile settings to "sirens" to see the phpBB hacks logo I modified. The default layout for my board is the default phpBB layout.
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    I know this is an old thread, but I would use div layers instead of a tables for the site's layout.

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    Please read the rules...

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
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