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    Linux Min Requirements

    Before I get started I think I should say this is for a part of a project.

    Ive got to choose 2 Server Operating Systems done. Now I need to specify system requirements and well for Windows 2k3 thats easy its basically scattered throughout the entire web.

    Now Im having trouble finding the Linux Kernel System Requirements (I remember seeing something like 486mhz but not entirely sure). So far I can find Min Requirements for particular distributions however nothing on just the Kernel Requirements.

    If anyone can push me in the right direction ive searched google, linuxquestions,, even here incase someone else has asked but so far nothing.

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    if you've checked all of those you are blind. If GenD spawns one more linux thread full of things we have JUST answered ima die.

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    Hurry! Somebody post another stupid Linux thread! :P

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