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    css ?

    How do would I go about making a nav bar likethis one?
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    You could always look up the source code: the html and the css files.

    Some tutorials
    source: compsci textbooks,, world wide web, common sense

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    Well I asked about it because it doesn't look like something that is already in css. I figured that they used a graphics program to make it and somehow incorporated it into the css.
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    Whether they used another program to produce them or not, the output of such a program is unlikely to be anything other then 100% standards conforming html and css on that site.

    That site is, after all, the site of the html and css standards organisation.
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    The folded edge at the bottom right of each menu link is a little graphic. Everything else is pure HTML+CSS.
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    Bert Bos (of the page the OP posted) has done some neat stuff with pure CSS - you can look at some of his tutorials here.


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    I like using light colors and the line and dashed/dotted border attributes to make neat looking stuff. Sort of like a layout my friend made, which I modded for my web log -

    I'm working on a similar one though it's, not online.
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    The strip background, with the text background as the background of the text (I think.)

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