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    Whaddya speak??

    Let's find out about your culture, by means of language! Post what languages you know by this scale:

    4+: You fluently speak a language from birth in that country.
    4: You are fluent, but learned the language and wasn't born there or had parents who speak it.

    3: You speak well, you know much grammar, and can basically hold up any conversations except for some specialized areas.

    2: You are getting better, but you still don't have a command on speaking yet.

    1+: A bit stronger form of 1, but closer to 1 than 2.
    1: You can hold a small conversation, such as asking for things, and have some of the grammar in mind.

    0+: You know the alphabet and some (12+) words.
    0: Don't know, but would like to learn.

    So for me:
    English: 4+
    Russian: 1+
    Latin: 1
    Arabic: 0+
    Greek: 0+
    Navajo: 0+
    Hebrew: 0
    Danish: 0
    Finnish: 0

    So let's see what everyone here speaks!

    This goes right along with 2005 being the "Year Of Languages". We really need to learn other peoples languages. There are 6000+ languages in the world, and over HALF (3000+ languages) will dissapear by the end of this century.
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    Polish 4+
    English 4
    Russian 3
    French 2
    German 1+

    some entropy with that sink?

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    4+ Russian
    4 English
    3 Estonian
    1 German

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    4+ Albanian
    4+ Greek
    4 English
    0+ French

    I was born in Albania and was taught the language at school, after school though i would speak Greek because everyone in the village spoke greek without knowing any grammar or how to write in greek. Later on in the 90's when the Albanian government collapsed my family moves to greece, i was 10 then. So i also learned how to write and read, later on i went to a private night school to learn english and at age 19 moved to U.S, NY.
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    English 4+
    I'm one of those people who thinks learning langauges is quite pointless. I wish c++ counted as a "foreign language" in high school

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    English 4+
    French 2

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    english 1+

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    4+ English
    2 French
    2 Japanese*
    1+ Spanish

    *I should probably replace the "you are getting better" part of the description with "you are getting worse" since i havent been keeping up with this language since my courses ended.

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    English: 4+
    Spanish: 2/3
    German: 0
    Russian: 0
    French or Italian: 0

    I think Italian would probably be the easiest, since a lot of it is close to Spanish, but I've never really wanted to learn French or Italian all that much. German I really want to learn, and Russian would be cool, too.
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    English: 4+
    Spanish: 1+

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    German 4+
    English 4
    Latin 0
    See you in 13

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    Hannover, Germany
    German 4+
    English 3+
    Latin 1- ( and getting worse since I did not use it after school )
    Dutch 0+ ( you can understand very basic dutch if you know German anyway)
    Italian 0+ ( written is easier because of latin, but... see latin )
    Spanish 0+

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    4+: English
    4: Binary
    3: Pascal
    1+: ASM
    0+: Python
    0: Eiffel

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    San Diego, CA
    English: 4+
    German: 2
    French: 0+
    Spanish: 0+
    Hebrew: 0
    Japanese: 0
    Latin: 0
    Greek: 0

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    Arabic : 4+
    English : 3
    Turkish : 0+
    Spanish : 0
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