Thread: Whaddya speak??

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    Wow - this is awesome. I never expected fluent Albanian, Polish, and Arabic speakers to be here!

    If someone wants help in Russian, just ask. I have many people who I know who speak it, and my pronunciation + vocabulary + grammer gets better daily.
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    English: 4+
    German: 3
    Spanish 0+
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    May 2003
    English 4+
    Spanish 1- (same story - haven't been keeping up with it after classes)
    Japanese 0
    Chinese (Mandarin) 0+*(1/2) (I know the characters for the numbers 0-99, and how to say a few words, but the 'alphabet'?)
    German 0
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    Göteborg, Sweden
    Swedish 4+
    Norwegian 4
    English 4
    Danish 4
    German 2
    French 0+
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadCow257
    English 4+
    I'm one of those people who thinks learning langauges is quite pointless.

    English 4+
    h4x0r13375p33k 4+ (born playing online games)
    Mandarin 2 (fluent in childhood, losing the touch now..)
    Spanish 1 (school course)
    French 1+ (School course)
    Cantonese 0+ (all my friends speak it ... know a few words, but there's no alphabet to know )
    Greek 0 (can never remember what these symbols are called...)
    Just Google It. √

    (\ /)
    ( . .)
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    English: 4+
    Spanish: 4
    Zulu: 2+
    Afrikaans: 2
    French: 1
    Hebrew: 1

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    Oct 2002
    Spanish: 4+ (Native)
    English: 4/4+ (my parents are English teachers, so I've always had it around. Spend some time in England as well, but can't count as native)
    German: 3 (Still learning)
    French: 2 (I've forgotten a lot since I last had class)

    I can also understand some Portuguese, but that comes with knowing Spanish. When I speak with a Portuguese or Basilian, they speak in Portuguese and I do it in Spanish.
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    Oct 2001
    4+: Cantonese
    4: English
    1+: Mandarin
    0+: German

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    Apr 2003
    German: 4+
    English: 4
    French: Somewhere between 0+ and 1.
    All the buzzt!

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    Aug 2001
    English 4+
    Spanish 1+

    Yeah, I suck.

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