Thread: Linux-What do you need to know before getting it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kleid-0
    I say completely remove Windows, but you have to have a really good walkthrough in your hands that you trust. If you screw up, you can go to the library and use their computer to research your problem. Make sure you have a lot of free time too, because you may screw up a lot, and the more you screw up, the more you learn about troubleshooting.
    I'm with RoD on this one. A newb should not just wipe windows off completely. That would be insane. Most people need at least a few months to get used to linux and validate that they no longer need windows. And going to the library to research a problem is not a valid option for most people.

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    Grrrr....(my turn to vent and this thread is perfect)...

    If you're still looking for new user advice on linux...Don't be like me. Resist the urge to keep up-to-date on bleeding edge technology. I just upgraded to kernel 2.6.10-1.741, for which there was absolutely no need since everything was working properly. Now a few services have stopped working, or are flakey at best.

    Stick with stable releases! Even if you like to tinker, tweak etc...there's a difference between getting the opportunity vs being forced to.

    Rant over. I can breath now.

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    lol Scribbler. Can't you just switch back to your older kernel?

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    I'm going to keep Windows until I'm comfortable with Linux. Oh, that was a really funny article (page before this) Rouss. It'll help convince everybody to start running Linux.
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    Or just keep windows and your antivirus software up to date and have your firewall configured properly.
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