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    Creating large document in linux

    I am going to create a large document, roughly 30-40 pages, that involves images, mathematical symbols, headings, a table of contents, and plain text. The end result will be a pdf or some other file type. I run linux and I am thinking of using Latex.

    I am looking for a personal recommendation from someone who:
    1, has read a good tutorial on latex and thinks it will help me accomplish what I am trying to do
    2. someone who knows latex well and knows what tutorial I should be reading

    Also what editor would be best for something like this? Keep in mind that this is a very large document, 30-40 pages, with headings and so forth, kind of like an ebook.

    Google has lots of tutorials on latex but I am not sure which to start with and this is why I am posting so please don't say search google.

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    As an editor, any text editor will do, preferably one with some LaTeX support, like syntax coloring. Emacs can support LaTeX.

    Unfortunaly I cannot help you with a tutorial -- I learnt LaTeX from a Swedish document (very good though).

    Here's a nice page with lots of symbols, perhaps the other pages in the tutorial are good too, I don't know.
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    Here's a review of Lyx which has this snippet of a review. It describes what you're looking for.

    Latex has for years been the heavy-duty document preparation and typesetting program, particularly popular in academia because it is good with equations, can handle very large documents, etc.

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    Since I only have 2 months or so to finish the document I ended up abandoning the idea of Latex, this way I could focus on the actual document instead. I am using Microsoft Word as an editor, MathType for the mathematical symbols, and Mathematica for the graphs. I've been altering the graphs with microsoft paint lol.

    Anyways thanks for the replies I bookmarked those links and yea I will eventually have to learn to use Latex since it is superior to MathType. Maybe it's just me but the mathematical symbols look much sharper with Latex than they do with MathType. Unfortunately I don't have the time right now to learn Latex since I have other priorities, but I will eventually learn it since it is better and it is the standard.

    I think the transitition from MathType to Latex is gonna be difficult since with MathType "what you see is what you get" and with latex this is not the case.
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