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    I have 20:20 vision. I passed ALL test recently at an opticians with full marks (not bad for 43, eh?). I can't read the BGR text above (on an LCD). It looks fuzzy as all hell.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RobR
    I can't read the BGR text above (on an LCD).
    Yes, one of the two text will look horrible if you're using an LCD. RGB monitor are most common.
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    Quote Originally Posted by B0bDole
    >>> no-one has ever proved monitors to be a risk to your eyesight, ever. <<
    i have a stigmatation(sp) in my left eye because of computer monitors... if I sit in front of a computer for more than 10 hrs my left eye gets really blood shot and really painful. Plus now I have to wear glasses. The eye Dr said it was from computer who knows
    "The doctor told me I had a stigmatism. Said I got it from being on stage and having all the lights shined in my eyes. I asked if it was curable. He said "Yeah, we can fix that with a laser." A laser? You mean you're going to shine a little light in my eye?
    --taken from some guy on comedy central. I butchered it. My apologies.

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