Thread: Huygens probe.

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    i'm getting a server error on that pictures link

    some entropy with that sink?

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    What is so inhospitable about Titan that makes it so the lander was only predicted to survive 30 mins? Doesn't seem like it would be much worse than traveling through space.

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    It was expected that the extreme cold would cause the the batteries to run down very quickly, the vehicle did not have solar arrays.

    Also, of course, being that Cassini would dip below the horizon shortly after the probe arrived, it was not considered important to last longer then that.

    In fact, the radio carrier was detected by the DSN for over 2 hours after landing, clearly the thermal properties of the were better then expected. Knowing that is a useful scientific return in itself.

    Whilst it was travelling with Cassini, and whilst cruising to Titan, it was not powered up.
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