Thread: Hiking in the Rockies..Amazing!

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    Hiking in the Rockies..Amazing!

    I just got back from hiking in the Rockies with some friends....and wow, the view was absolutely amazing. We hiked to the top of one of the highest mountains where we were at (I think it was 2500 feet above Calgary). I took a bunch of pictures, but they hardly do the view any justice, as it's really something you have to see to experience.

    However, some of the pictures are quite good and I've got one of 'em set as my desktop background at the moment, heh, so here's the link if anyone wants to check 'em out:

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    You're making me miss that part of the country.

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    Which part of the rockies did you hike? I've done a lot of hiking there, mostly the peaks above 14,000 feet, and live right up against them just outside of Denver.

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    awsome man!

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    Scrambling is something I love to do in the summer. Non-technical mountain climbing (you don't need ropes and such)

    Top 2:

    Middle Sister outside can look down and Canmore looks like a scene right outside of SimCity...hell, we even saw a train from up there.
    Mount Rae for pure awesomeness. And it was my first scramble as well.

    Quite simply...mountains
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    *sniff* reminds me of home... (I used to live in that region... i'll be back there in september, can't wait to go skiing/snowboarding in the rockies again)

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