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    Quote Originally Posted by KneeGrow
    God dang you programming nerds need to stop being such f4gbots just cuz he aint a 1337 haxxor like you guys. So what if his website looks crappy? It's his website, I think ya'll's moms look crappy GGNORE. so stfu about other people and their work; I can understand about taking the tutorials illegally and that, i agree, is bad, but quit banging on other people's stuff thanks

    and to all of u retards who are gonna rep- me right now for defending a good man go ahead
    Don't go 1 VS everyone on the forum! You'll lose...I know. Trust me lol.

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    F4G bots? No! That's the worst insult I've ever heard! They didn't fix any major bugs until the F5G came out! AGH! I feel so dirty... I'm really motivated to change my attitude towards people like that now. KneeGrow, you've inspired me to become something more!

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