Thread: 3 Gmail Invites to hand out

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    I really like Gmail's interface and features. I used to hate hotmail, but I think they're improving. The spam experience is different for everyone. Some get more than others, etc... Personally I find Gmail's spam filter the best I've ever seen, and they don't advertize in your emails like Hotmail does. Hotmail also increased their storage a whole lot. 250 MB now, isn't it?

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    Opera Version 8 Beta Available

    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    I am using opera version 7.60 and I use gmail all the time. Yeah every 2 weeks you get that "your browser isn't supported" bs just click the "log in anyways" and you'll be good. Just make sure your quick preferences is setup to identify as opera.

    Opera 8 Beta has just been released. They decided to skip 7.6 and make Version 8 a major release.

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    >You can fit a gig on a CD?
    I rounded, shoot me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    > P.S. Did I mention that I hate my hotmail accounts. Those are totally rubbish

    What's wrong with hotmail? I use it as my primary address and get maybe 2 spam e-mails a day.

    Besides all the random javascripts errors that do not allow you to navigate the site properly? Anyways I get those errors far too often, as I must have javascript debugging turned on on IE at work. Sometimes I have to turn it off to view my email.
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