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    AIM problems

    Whenever I log on to AIM, it is giving me this error:

    Your buddy list and alerts are currently not available, but they have not been lost. Please try again later.

    This has happened to me once before, several months ago, and it fixed itself within 5 minutes. Is this happening to anyone else?

    Also, I heard that AIM is open source. Is that true? I heard it was open source, but that the source was just really deep and hard to find. Anybody know anything about that?
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    Im getting the same error, should fix its self pretty soon...and i havnt heard about it being open-source...AOL doesnt seem like that kinda of company anyways...but I could be wrong

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    AIM isnt Open Source and Im on AIM as Im typing this and have been for several hours so I dont think its a server problem.

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