Thread: Peterson Gets Death

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    I have no proof atm but I'm fairly certain that abortion of the "ready to pop" have been outlawed for a long time.

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    > You've never heard of partial birth abortions, apparently.

    Who's being condescending now?

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    speaking of entertainment, has anybody seen this ad grace the pages of these very boards yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LuckY
    As per usual, my point is being severly missed. First of all it doesn't matter what my opinion of the case is (as a matter of fact, I have yet to voice my opinion). I was merely speaking in general about the topic at hand. Secondly, the condescension of which I was speaking was not about any judgment; rather it was how Mr. Cheese was talking down to people as if they were so utterly beneath him. There's nothing wrong with judging or sharing your opinion (and no I don't think either reflects on your character in the least), however talking to people like they are lesser than you is something that should never be done.
    Thanks for tossing in your two cents. I appreciate your thoughts.
    My apologies for the misinterpretation.

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