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    Thumbs up !! - My Huge Flash Tutorial

    Please take the time to check out this little "book" I made about programming action games in Flash. It's about 40 pages in both printed and HTML versions. Attached is the HTML version of my tutorial.

    I realize most of the people on this board probably aren't Flash people, really...but I just think my tutorial's kinda cool.

    It encompasses everything from starting Flash, to using its pre-defined functions, to tricks of programming action games, to how to use trig and calculus to program games.

    I really hope it helps someone.....perhaps.

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    IŽll take a look at it very soon since we are getting flash next semester... first semester was photoshop second one is flash so i think it can be of some help along with the other tutorials that are out there.




    Just a suggestion you could make the html file like that so everything in the table of content would direct you to the place in the file since its pretty big, no one likes to scroll forever .
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    I have it hosted no downloading or extracting neccesary.

    Good times.

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    Keep it up man
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    am i the only one who can't see the garphics?

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    well written tut, complete without being to extensive. apart, maybe from the presentation, i'd give this a 10/10
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    good stuff man, keep it up. put some more links in though so we can navigate more easily.

    good job
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