Thread: finding unanswered posts

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    finding unanswered posts

    how do you find unanswered posts on this forum?

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    I don't think there's an automatic way, like there is at Daniweb and other forums. There is, however, a column that tells you how many posts are in each thread. You could just page through and look for zeroes. I would however, recommend that you don't reply to threads that haven't been posted in for months. This may result in severa flaming...

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    Use the search.
    In the "Find Threads with", change "At least" to "at most" and leave the number of replies at 0

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    Go to the board, click the "Replies" header, then click the arrow that pops up next to it.

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    Just out of curiosity, why?
    Monday - what a way to spend a seventh of your life

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    Quote Originally Posted by iain
    Just out of curiosity, why?
    Yeah dont go bumping old threads, that just annoys people.

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