Thread: How to create Screensavers?

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    How to create Screensavers?

    Well how do you do your own screensavers, without using some awful software that you just load images into. I have a couple of exe's I want create screensavers from.

    Is this possible? If so, how?

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    A Windows screensaver does not have a WinMain() rather it uses ScreenSaverProc(). It should also contain ScreenSaverConfigureDialog() and RegisterDialogClasses() although both of these routines can be simple placeholders.

    It is also necessary for all screensavers to have a special icon resource and a string for it's title, (24 characters max), used in the control panel. If you have not got any of these things, it will not work. There is more you can do, but these things you must do.

    MSDN as suggested already, contains all the info you need.
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    I've done a screensaver that had none of these things. It didn't behave overly well, but it worked.
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    The alternative approach I think CornedBee may be referring to (assuming windows) is perhaps described in How to write a 32bit screen saver.
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    You could also check out this screensaver framework.

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