Thread: A day that will live in infamy.

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    >>With the exception of Dogma any movie with Ben I-Couldn't-Act-My-Way-Out-Of-A-Paper-Bag pretty much sucks.<<

    What do you mean?? Gigli and Jersey Girl are instant classics!

    Seriously though, Good Will Hunting was pretty good, not that Ben had anything to do about it. Oh, and he played Basketball Player #10 in the great cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so he's been in some good ones

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    > Basketball Player #10

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    This thread was not intended to talk about a movie nor how Pearl Harbor could have been prevented.

    Even with the radar system we could have never taken on the 300 some aircraft that bombarded Pearl. Our planes wouldn't have made much of a difference. Anti-aircraft fire would have but the transmission about the Japanese ultimatum was 55 minutes late.

    Have some respect people.

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    I wasn't alive then, so I shouldn't have to know about that date.

    Just kidding.

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    I thought you ment Rumsfelt being granted a second term.......
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    Hmm... December 7, 1804... William Barton Rogers' birthday.
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