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    career thread

    I feel like starting a general discussion about careers.

    If you have already entered the dark realm of your country's workforce, share your career with us!

    If you're still an idealistic student with big aspirations, share what you want to be doing.

    I personally fit into the latter category. I'm in electrical/computer engineering. I don't know what I want to be doing when I get a degree. Ideally, I'd actually like to be doing research because I have a knack for understanding things at a fundamental level, but that type of job isn't always realistically obtainable I've found. I might also be changing my major to engineering physics if ECE/CE doesn't work out.
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    I am currently a computer science student; however, I am planning on double majoring in BioChem or BioMed engineering with the end goal of going to med school and doing research in aging and biological reconstructive techniques to be applied to people with advanced tissue deteriorative diseases(such as radiation poisoning) and physical injuries(think amputation victims). The computer science degree I figure will be more useful as a theoretical base for a lot of the more advanced techniques that will require computation and other computer/logic based endeavors in reconstruction.
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    I'm finishing off high school and am hoping to go to university for computer science or software engineering. Once I'm done that I hope to either work designing software for a living or start up a software company of some sort (more likely the former right away). Until then, I'm just a hobbiest programmer...

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    I'm a study at UCF majoring in Computer Science, getting a position as a intern programmer next year.

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    I'm presently a code monkey (my job description talks about being a "Team Leader", but in the end I'm just a code monkey). Though my plan for the immediate future is to write a badass operating system that will oust all lesser peon systems and act as a springboard for my "everything for everyone" company to take the monopoly on the world as we know it in the next five years. I then plan on spending the rest of my life in baha, sipping piņa coladas and writing my memoirs in a simple yet beautiful programming language of my own design.
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    9 months ago, I would have told you I would be a computer programmer in 10 years. Today, I'd say translator or some type of linguist, possibly in the military.
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    Sorry Prelude I have already started development on world conquest.

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    Right now I'm undecided what I want to do. Right now I'm interested in physics, and I'll at least get a degree in a math or science field, but who knows...
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    Nearing graduation (1 year left), no turning back now. Currently working as a computer lab assistant, which is, btw, not related with my major in computer science at all (believe me). So my new year's resolution would be to find an internship at all cost.
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    Right now I'm studying to be an engineer-what type exactly I don't know yet. I think Prelude and Thantos should combine efforts, and I'll stay on your good sides

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    Hmmm I do prefer to work from the shadows .....

    Right now I'm majoring in computer engineering. I'm going to focus on robotics and plan to attend grad school almost immediatly. I hope to get into research with a university or the military. After working in the field for 10 years I plan to get my PhD and go into teaching.

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    I then plan on spending the rest of my life in baha...
    You might have trouble taking over the Spanish speaking countries.
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    No software jobs around here at the moment, haven't been for a couple of years. I and many of my former collegues are unemployed.
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    Rigth now I am on a student placement at British Telecom... In the next 5 years I see my self running a small startup..... or may be working for one if dreams turn sour...

    I mean a startup in India

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    I just landed a job as a .NET (C#) developer in Sydney for an ISV that makes software for debt management Will be moving there in January. At the moment however I am a cash chick at Hungry Jacks (Australian version of Burger King).

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