Thread: VB .Net : is it worth the trouble?

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    Quote Originally Posted by B0bDole
    what does that^^ have to do with vb?
    Hmmm....after second thought, my quote does not really show accurate info on popularity of programming languages out there. I was just trying to answer original poster's question
    i don't know if Vb.Net will add anything to my career.
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    Well i didn't quite get what i was looking for , but thanks for participating guys
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    Wow, VB isn't even listed and Java is used by 139% (I know, I know, but you know how reporters think) of respondents.

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    146%, if you include the J2ME count.
    All the buzzt!

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    I believe it is only worth it if you are in a non-programming position.
    this would probably be good if you were in a general non-code producing position where compiling and writing code is not your primary job objective. example would be if you had microsoft office and wanted to manipulate it using the macro editor. or if for some obscure reason they wanted you write a vb stand alone.
    but if you are in the profession of coding, i do not believe it would be the most valuable tool in your tool box, but maybe there is some company that writes mainly in vb (maybe vbscript for the web.) ... this is just ramblings of an opinion from a student that has no real grasp of what is done in the real world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    I've only coded in VB6 but several of my friends have coded in VB.NET. Essentially not much has changed.
    I've coded in both, and while I only learned a little about VB.NET and alot less about VB6, they're syntax seems pretty different. other than that, like you pointed out they seem the same.

    VB is nice to play with every once and a while and is good to learn if you want to interface with Access or Excel or something, but other than that, it's not really worth much IMO.

    There are a good amount of companies looking for VB programmers, though.

    I've learned C++,PHP,JAVA, and VB, and I would use them in that order. C++ and PHP both have completely different uses, JAVA is kinda messy and very slow IMO, and VB is just a windows thing.
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    132 has gone a step further than its parent, VB6 by becoming an object oriented language. It focusses on ease of use while allowing the power of OOP. However, obviously,not all powers could be handed over, and according to me , a c++ programmer will invariably find it irritating when he finds features like Operator Overloading and Vector programming missing. Also, stupid VB programmers who are not acquainted with OOP will find it mind-boggling. is meant only for intelligent VB6 programmers who have the capability of easy migration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba
    ...In VB6 or VB in general you can still put a button on your form, but you cannot add methods to it or add properties. They have set methods and set properties. So what VB really comes down to is this....
    Lets not confuse Visual Basic 6 with Visual Basic .NET.

    VB.NET is object oriented, so to do what you are describing you would simply inherit from Button to create BubbasButton, and add your methods and properties to it.

    To the OP: I would give it a shot. While actually knowing Visual Basic .NET in itself may not be very beneficial in the long run, you will learn a lot about the .NET framework, and once you know VB.NET picking up other .NET languages like C# and Managed C++ (as you already have a background in C languages) should take all of a few days.

    A few of the opinions here seem to stem from experience with Visual Basic 6 or previous, and to those people I reccomend at least glancing over the features new to VB.NET. It is not just an upgrade to VB6 with a ".NET tag" on the end, but an entire rewrite of the language around the .NET framework.

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    Bah! Y'all should study MS Quick Basic 1.1 instead. Or COBOL perhaps
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