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    I would feel sorry for the woman;however, the fetus is not a person , and is not and should not be protected as one.
    there used to be something here, but not anymore

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    What the hell kind of logic is that?????

    God if this country was run by people like you were all screwed. Dont vote.

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    the fetus is not a person , and is not and should not be protected as one.
    What exactly makes you say that the fetus is not a person?

    I think I see what you're trying to say and what your points are, but ultimately a discussion on abortion boils down to whether or not you think the fetus is considered human.

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    Which was mentioned long ago in the thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by EvBladeRunnervE
    the fetus is not a person
    I completely disagree. The fetus does exist, and it is alive. The Umbilical Cord delivers oxygen and nutrition and carries away waste. It is attached to the placenta on one end and the baby's belly on the other. Inside the baby, it joins up with specialized blood vessels that connect to the heart and liver. This tells us this is a living being!

    On a side note: If a man strikes a woman with child so she has a premature birth, yet there is no significant bodily injury, to the mother or the child, he shall surely be fined (in view of initiating the traumatic experience) as the woman may demand of him, and he shall pay as the judges decide.

    But if there is a significant bodily injury to the mother or child, then you shall appoint as a penalty, and according to that which applies, life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise.

    Just my two cents.
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    This argument is going in several different directions. The argument is NOT whether or not abortion is murder or not. Whether you agree with abortion or not, it IS legal and is therefore NOT viewed as murder by the state.

    Now if the state does not consider it murder, it therefore does not consider the fetus as a person who has rights. Now given that, how can the state call a crime which causes an abortable fetus to be miscarried murder? How can the fetus be considered human and have rights in this case but have no rights and be considered a ball of cells in an abortion? Does the fetus just suddenly lose all its rights when it enters an abortion clinic? When the fetus is of the age where abortion is murder, like in the Peterson case, then of course the accused should also be accused of murder.

    RoD, you make it sound like just because we don't think it should be murder that we think the person should get off with just a handslap. Hell no, give the guy a harsh punishment, make up a crazy new felony name like "destuction of fetus due to intentional bodily harm to mother" that carries a punishment similar to murder, whatever. Just not murder.

    Remember, this is NOT an argument on whether abortion is OK. Its also not an argument on whether or not a man should be punished for causing a miscarriage because he SHOULD be heavily punished. This is an argument on why it is considered MURDER when a man does it and why it is NOT considered murder when the mother does it. Its a double standard, plain and simple.

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