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    Copying Design

    I went to a bookstore and picked up some magazines. Then, on one magazine, in "table of content" section, I saw that I could implement the design to a web layout. So, I'd like to transfer whats on paper on that page to an HTML page: the layout, typography, possibly color, but not trademarked stuff i.e. logo.
    Now I'm aware that I'll be copying, not being creative nor original, but the question is: Is there any legal issue by doing so?. To my understanding it's got nothing to do with copyright; it does not apply here. Isn't design has to be patented to prevent someone from producing the same design?
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    I would have thought copyrights applied generally, however, I'm not sure. Also, different countries have different laws.

    Personally, I would take what I liked about the layout as inspiration to create my own original one. I wouldn't copy the original exactly.
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    If I were you, I'd delete my last post, do it anyway, and deny everything when caught.

    But since I'm not you, just go with Davros's suggestion. As long as you change it a little, they can't do anything.

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    Isn't design has to be patented to prevent someone from producing the same design?
    I think that it depends.
    For example, Singapore's intellectual property laws define a category called "Designs", and requires registration of the Design for a period of 5 years, up to a maximum of 15 years.

    I'm not too clear about the corresponding law in other countries, though you might want to look up the "Look and Feel" disputes on graphical user interfaces.
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