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    First off

    >>as you dodge drivers who think they'll get extra points for each biker they successfully turn into a smudge on the pavement

    What... don't I? I'm fairly certain I do... Theres really only one way to find out.

    But on the working out topic: I work out at my buddies free gym every other day. Its been kind of slack lately, but then again I am a carpenter and get my share of exercise every day at work anyways. I find that a) If I'm not working out with someone else, then I don't stay motivated nearly as long, and b) I like to do a full on, serious, sweat-it-all-out, feel-the-pain kind of workout. Thats the only way I enjoy it enough to keep going back. Plus if I can feel the soreness, I at least feel like somethings working.

    FYI, you shouldn't work out every day. Or if you do, you need to alternate what muscles you're working to ensure that you're not taxing the same muscle every day. If you don't give a heavily worked muscle a day of rest, it wont build the proper mass that you're requesting of it. Its fine to do cardio as much and as often as you want. What you're eating is also very very important. Working out uses a whole lot of energy and you should definatly look into what and when you should be eating to supply it.

    But for now I'm going to do some bicep curls... I think a Sleeman Honey Brown Lager is the ideal weight for the evening.
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    I used to go to the local gym where I live 2-3 times a week. That changed about 18 months ago, because the gym changed, drastically, and for the worse. Half the machines were "out of order" the heating/ventilation/cooling system was basically turned off, the floor was covered with crud etc. etc.

    Why pay a fortune to go to a steaming hot, filthy smelly room to find out that your planned regime for the day is not possible because the machines aren't working?

    So now I am limited to badminton, and some free weights that, as I type, are by my left foot. I use them while waiting for my projects to compile - mostly shoulders and arms.
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    Do push ups! lol

    It's interesting because if you only do workouts as you wait for projects to compile, as you develop longer projects, you'll be able to say that programming more actually got you into *better* shape!
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    or you could just use an old P1 100mhz computer as your compile farm, then you'll be forced to work out for hours

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    System is slow enough as it is, 2.53GHz system clocked at 1.9GHz in order to keep the damn Northbridge stable.
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    I do scrambles (non technical climbs [no ropes needed]) in the Rocky Mountains [I love being Albertan...mountains own] in the summer. This summer I got up the Middle Sister outside of Canmore (on the 3rd attempt...othertimes I ended up on the...wrong mountain..)
    And in the winter I go skiing.

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