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    FF licence

    why did Nintendo ever give up the licence for Final Fantasy games? Was it taken away? Did they sell it? Why would they just give it up? Look at what Sony Playstation has been doing with it......Nintendo could have been doing the same things...

    I always liked Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Japan).
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    Nintendo never owned a license to the Final Fantasy series. Square, the company which produces the Final Fantasy series, simply chose to produce all of their games for Nintendo systems through about 1995. However, the company abandoned Nintendo around 1996 because they wanted Final Fantasy 7 to include video sequences, but Nintendo chose to go with a cartrige-based system for their third-generation console (the N64.) You can't run video sequences of any significant length off of a cartrige. So, Square went to a system that was CD-based, the Sony Playstation. This infuriated Nintendo (Nintendo played a huge role in Square's successes on the NES and SNES consoles and felt betrayed), and now Nintendo refuses to let Square develop for any of their systems, even though Nintendo would stand to benefit greatly.

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    Chances are you'll never, ever see another
    Square game on any other console. Sony bought
    a bunch of Square Stock after FF:TSW flopped.
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