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    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    Who the hell leaves a machete in the yard?
    Quote Originally Posted by Govtcheez
    I dont' have a yard
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    OK, I have a yard. The problem is that it's out my front window and 30 feet down. And my apartment complex would be upset if I left anything there, since they call it "landscaping"

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    Landscaping, eh? Well, I suppose leaving instruments of death in your front yard could be quite artistic. Now, I'm sure I can find a guillotine on eBay... Hmm... I can claim I mulch trees with it... very slowly.
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    To me the problem seens to be that people these days are not so capable of being fond of things. Most young adolescent people I see are so cold even when handling their best friends, itīs like all is based on conveniences.
    And this is a case where saying "these days" is really not just a misguided way of speaking, I really donīt think things like those were so common before.
    Then again, maybe TV is looking for those kind of news more often, or there's just more people on the world.

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    Personally I blame TBS.

    Well kids in the US are really different... If a kid in India picks up something like that he/she will surely get some spankings.....
    The term, "California Parents" has become common-place. "Just the the children express themselves".

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