Thread: incrementation of "Homework" threads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem
    The first step is to think of a better acronym

    Half-ass Obfuscated Answers and Ridiculous Solutions for Education

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    Asinine Riddle Solutions for Education

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    Lampoonish Answers Zestfully Yearned by All Stupid Students

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    between photons and phonons
    Lol why not i like all the name though...hard to choose...
    No really are we really defenseless against these kind of posts??

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    I hope the vote for best acronym doesn't come down to a recount...this is gonna be a tough campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by GanglyLamb
    Lol why not i like all the name though...hard to choose...
    No really are we really defenseless against these kind of posts??
    Unless a mod wants to spend their time trawling and deleting as soon as their posted, then it will be an annoyance. Perhaps a next gen AI bot which can actually detect direct homework copies and delete them automatically would be cool. I'd post it in the help wanted section, but I don't have time to work on it myself, so that would be jackassish (I made up a new word) of me.


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    OMG LOL. You guys cracking me up. Hey cheez, I'll help with the project. I can't code either but I've got some really good ideas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow
    I thought you were going to say report it to their school, but that's much more effective!

    Of course to watch the show you would have to also add a section of code that positions goverment satelite video recorders to create a web broadcast to spread over the web if we wanted to sit back, eat popcorn, and watch
    "When I die I want to pass peacefully in my sleep like my grandfather did, not screaming and yelling like the passengers in his car."

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