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    what can you do with programing? like what jobs are there?

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    >like what jobs are there?
    Think of everywhere a computer is used. Somebody had to write the software.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    Quzah's right, there is no free thought in the world anymore.
    If you dance barefoot on the broken glass of undefined behaviour, you've got to expect the occasional cut.
    If at first you don't succeed, try writing your phone number on the exam paper.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salem

    Quzah's right, there is no free thought in the world anymore.
    Google should put a slogan on their website, "Try it. You'd be surprised."
    The world is waiting. I must leave you now.

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    you could always get a job at
    • "Problem Solving C++, The Object of Programming" -Walter Savitch
    • "Data Structures and Other Objects using C++" -Walter Savitch
    • "Assembly Language for Intel-Based Computers" -Kip Irvine
    • "Programming Windows, 5th edition" -Charles Petzold
    • "Visual C++ MFC Programming by Example" -John E. Swanke
    • "Network Programming Windows" -Jones/Ohlund
    • "Sams Teach Yourself Game Programming in 24 Hours" -Michael Morrison
    • "Mathmatics for 3D Game Programming & Computer Graphics" -Eric Lengyel

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brain
    you could always get a job at

    cprog doesnt need people like that.

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    cprog doesnt pay either...
    also most companies are moving to third world countries since for $10/day they can do the same work that we can do for like $200/day
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