Thread: What do you do?

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    I go to 3/4 of my classes, study, eat, sleep, occasional activity with girlfriend, clean up after roomates. Fun life, eh?

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    1. I study
    2. I play rugby
    3. I watch Anime
    4. I watch Anime
    5. I watch Anime

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    Well, Im 19, finishing the second years o CS university, I'm still stuck in calculus $hit so it takes most part of my time, I'm also not a great programmer, but I'm fighting against it. I used to play judo, I was good dammit, third in brazillian championship. But it seems University is killing me. Wake up 6 am, class 8:30 ----> 12:30, 1:30 arrive home and eat, 14~14:30 -------> 15~15:30. sleep or rest 1 hour, 15:30~19:30. Study, programm, do the stuff every student do. 19:30~20---->21:30~22. Judo practice. 22:30 Home, bath, eat, collapse. And all over again during the week. Weekends are for study for exams, some lonely walk (I need a gf:P), and swim from 18:00->19:00. No games, some internet talking with university friends.
    I hope well calculus is gone things will get better. Oh just remmembered, I read while I'm in the bus going and comming back from University, now I'm reading a Strange Man in a Strange World.

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    My life in a nut-shell at the moment...

    1. work
    2. Hang out with my girl
    3. Play guitar
    4. be a geek
    5. play volly-ball
    6. go to gym

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow
    Ooh, fun.
    > do you have folders for individual documents,
    I guess. I've attached the basic directory structure output of my folders setup.

    > Also how many desktop icons do you have?

    > my desktop is iconless.
    Well, I do like to be able to aim and shoot once and awhile. I use windows explore to navigate through my organized structure...but, I do like to have it RIGHT NOW once in awhile too.

    Good point but just because there no icon on the actual desktop
    surface doesnt mean i cant point and click, i keep a tool bar
    on the start menu with all my important icons. if i put a list
    of my folders it would be long so ill just say, excluding my C: drive
    which holds my windows installation/game installation and other
    programs, (yea the common stuff) and nothing else, all documents
    and whatever else i have are stored among the others drives,
    and these drives consist of 60,478 files, 4719 folders, and take
    up 138.44GB of my total 438.6GB. And now that i actually looked
    at all the stuff i organized, im amazed.

    *btw whoever commented on cleaver, meaning clever, it should
    be pretty obvious that spelling and grammar is not my strong
    suit, critize all you want, i wont change
    Also govt, if i hadnt supplied you with the definition of
    my acronym, what would you have changed the topic to?
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    Hang with friends, play guitar, piano, and trumpet, play soccer, pixel art, sing.

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    that just made me think of something, do any of you
    play or have played the violen ?

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    I used to, but it has been a long time since I've even touched a violin.

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    I'm 45 years old, I work for an engineering firm as a senior mechanical designer, I ride a bicyle to work everyday 28 miled round trip. When I'm not working I ride a mountain bike around the mountains of Northern Utah, Play with my kids, go out with my ole lady. I play Q3A and just started playng Doom3. I want to be a programmer when I grow up.

    I don't like you very much. Please post a lot less.
    *and then*
    No, I know you were joking. My point still stands.

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    45 and still a kid, nice, i salute you!

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    mostly I just sit around hanging out with the GF, posting on forums, or playing CS... not much of a programming project going on right now, although I have been planning to break ground on one for the longest time...
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