Thread: Cell Phones Sniff out Rotten Scents

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    Cell Phones Sniff out Rotten Scents

    Can you imagine a mobil that warn you when you have bad breath...,1594...75_1_A,00.html

    Sensors in the next generation of cell phones will be able to warn owners of fires and ozone levels, but it may be a bad breath alert that makes the most people open their wallets for the extra feature.
    Siemens has developed technology that recognizes smells, including bad breath, the company announced Monday.
    well Imagine the miniature sensors. That's totally new 4 me.To me the fact that the mobiles can handle internet was so surprising...
    Have I crossed the line?

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    That's no fun.

    Now what would be good would be the ability to transmit that odour to the person at the other end of the phone.
    SMS would be the Smell Message Service
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    Imagine the pranks.

    *ring* *ring* Excuse me, I'm going to have to take this call... Hello? Whoa, Nelson!

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    *ring ring*
    "hi man! hang on....*sniff sniff* smells like fish... *sniff sniff* you didn't tell me you knew helen THAT personaly!"
    I loathe pointers

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