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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    I'd venture to guess that the answer is to obvious for your liberial Kerry loving mind

    Because GOOGLE DOES NOT TAKE THEMSELVES SERIOUSLY. Its a pretty simple answer I know. Who says you have to be able to pronunce their name? Jeez its a fairly simple concept. As to why five extra 'o's instead of 8 or 10, probably because thats what the person typed in the first time.
    it's twelve... how could you brush off all that psychological study time and deep though as "somebody holding down a button"?
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    Only at cprog can a war be started over extra letters in advertisements.

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    I'd venture to guess that the answer is to obvious for your liberial Kerry loving mind
    oooooooooooooooooooooo Thantos dems fighting words. Why did you go there man?
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    Well, I was just going to ignore the rest of this post (by jverkoey's advice), but...
    liberial Kerry loving mind
    Typical Thantos, narrow-minded aggressiveness.

    I don't know what a liberial is, but I don't love Kerry. In fact, I consider myself conservative and am saddened that I can't vote republican this year. Thantos, please stop making the non-evil conservatives look like arrogant buttheads.

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