Thread: help with IRC channel ban

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    help with IRC channel ban

    ok a while back i was banned from #mp3-addicts on EFNet because i was having IRC troubles i kept connecitng/reconnecting well i had mp3-addicts as an autojoin channel (most the time when i go on IRC i go to mp3-addcts) well when htis happened i got banned for spamming, and channel has no webstie and i have no contact. it would be cool to get unbanned from this channel as its a really nice place to get mp3s from. if anyone who uses IRC could go on the channel for me talk to an admin please AIM or MSN me. thanks.
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    you should use a proxy, a dialup connection, a friend“s connection, or a www based irc client, and go personally tell your sad story to admins

    anyway, irc bans usually arent permanent. come back after some days, with other nickname, and all will be fine, i guess


    ps: dont you think this topic is too unrelated to c/c++ to be here?

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