Thread: Ridiculous reputation?

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    LOL and I jsut got a bad comment on this post. The people that waste time giving out bad rep must not have a life besides this or something...

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    I give bad reputation points to those who spam or post stupid things. Not like Govtcheez stupid, but more like jimbobbing.

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    I give good rep to people who help, as a rule, and try to stay away from bad rep unless the post is just made to flame. And always sign my reps with either "-Lith" or "-Lithorien".

    Just a convention carried over from other boards, figures it makes the place a bit more friendly.

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    thx to all u guyz here. u evened out my reputation.
    i wuv im not that type a guy. but thx
    Stupid people are useful. You can make them do all the mindless tasks you are too lazy to do yourself.

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    Is this thread still going??
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    Why no, it's not.

    If you're new to the boards, welcome and reading this will help you get started.
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