Thread: So what ever really happened to prelude?

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    ok hold on a second...

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    Shut up ^

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    lol I think I mispelled illitiration my spelling will be the death of me. Is that not the proper use of stereotype how do you spell it then?
    I think I am just missing the joke.

    This board is going to be fun over the next semester. It definately keeps one humble.

    Met my prof for C/C++ today. Thought I have been through a few books on my own this guy scares me.

    Do all universities try and scare off the students?

    Are first assignment is to comment some c code unfortunately most people have no clue what the code means.

    ohh and as far as preludes intellect It is very impressive but what is really impressive is the amount of time and effort given to us beginners.

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    No curlious, you didnt mis-use stereotype.

    My response was a simple exageration and/or exploitation of my inner stupidity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thantos
    I'd like to see a thread on GD that wasn't pointless
    the Gmail thread was good, thats where i got my invite
    I loathe pointers

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