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    Feeling generous

    I'm in a really good mood tonight, finally got our new house bought and I'm just in a good mood, so happy birthday cboard (though...i have no idea when the actual bday is...)

    Anyways, I'm guessing some people would be interested in finding out how functions like strcpy and strstr or memcmp work? Here's the code for all of them, and more!


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    Im happy for you!!!.,
    and also thx for the contribution!!!
    Have I crossed the line?

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    ARRG, i just unziped it all in a directory with other files! need to sort it out now, 800+ files! i hate you, you didn't warn us j/k
    looks cool where did you get it? don't tell me you wrote all that yourself..

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    nevermind, "Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved."

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