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    Capitalization in titles

    I work with naming a lot of titles. I would like to know what kinds of words that should be capitalized and what words shouldn't, in the English language.
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    You always capitalize the first letter of a sentence, and you always capitalize things called "Proper Nouns". Nouns in general are just words that refer to objects, like desk, leg, seal, ice. Proper Nouns are words that refer to specific places or people. Like you always Capitalize peoples names, and if you're talking about Mt. Everest you would capitalize it like I just did. If you're doing titles, people usually capitalize every word except words like of, if, and, from, etc... I'm sorry I can't be more definitive on the titles section.

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    Off of the top of my head the following shouldn't be capitolized in movie / book title unless its the first word:
    the, is, it, and, for

    Some pages:

    What I've seen the most of is:
    "Capitalize the first words and all important words in a title"

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